100 Miles in 30 Days – #RunWithDanica

It wasn’t too long ago where running a 4-miler, and even as far as a 10K, came easily to me. Nowadays, that isn’t quite the case. But all runners know that we are ALL runners. Whether your last run was earlier today, or years ago, we were all created to MOVE.

I was recently challenged by my family to run 100 miles in a month and I wanted to share in the journey especially, because running hasn’t been easy for me as of late. I want to invite everyone, no matter their fitness level, to commit to 100 miles in 30 days. It CAN be done, all you have to do is decide and follow through.

If you’re asking why in the world you would even decide to run 100 miles in 30 days, I could only respond by telling you why I run.

Running is a moment to slow down. That seems counter-intuitive because physically, you're picking up the pace, but mentally I get a moment to disconnect from the world and check in with myself. #RunWithDanica Click To Tweet

Sometimes it takes me a moment to let go of whatever else is on my to-do list or whatever else is going on in life. But that’s why running is often considered a practice in literal meditation. Even with the state of our current society, things seem to still be moving fast. From the change of lifestyle, working from home, taking on additional roles all at the same time– running can be a sense of relief.

With running, the reward is in overcoming the challenge. Whether it's crushing your mileage, your pace, or just getting it done. The win is in the journey. #RunWithDanica Click To Tweet

There will be good runs, and not-so-good ones. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already be up-to-speed on one of my most recent BAD runs, but what’s important is that you keep going.

Here’s what you’ll need to get it done:

  • Commitment: Commit to getting it done. Don’t over think it.

That’s it. That’s ALL you need.

Here’s what could help you get it done:

  • Community: Sometimes more is more. Not every run is a good run and that’s when community comes into play. The right community will give you someone to lean on when you’re feeling in need of encouragement.
    Join my community on social media when you use the hashtag: #RunWithDanica. Let’s cheer each other on to get across that finish line each and every day on the road to 100.
  • Good runners (shoes): This could be a game changer. I try to change out my running shoes at least every year, and I can definitely feel the difference when I skip this step. I have flat feet and right now I’m back on the Nike Pegasus bandwagon. They’re just so fluffy!
  • A tracking app: I love seeing my mileage tick up and up and up day after day. It’s super rewarding, but I can also be a slave to the tech. BALANCE is key. I recommend Nike Run Club, which is also a good tool for the following cheat code!
  • Guided runs: Music is a great motivator on a run, but there’s something about a coach in your ear telling you how to approach each and every run. My personal fave? Coach Bennett with the Nike Run Club app. He taught me that #EveryRunHasAPurpose and it’s a mantra that has stuck with me over the years. If you’re looking for a good laugh, I recommend the guided run with Kevin Hart. You may look like a fool running down the street, but you’ll enjoy your run!
  • A calendar. Click the image below 😉 

It’s a secret society, all we ask is commitment.

A few things to keep in mind if you’re joining me for this challenge. This is a commitment. You’re making this commitment to yourself, to prove to yourself that you can do this, but be advised, once you know … there’s no going back! Running isn’t something I’ve been able to shake over the years, no matter how my fitness lifestyle evolved or changed. It’s something that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with!

If that’s something you’re up to doing, let me know you’re joining me in the challenge. Hit that #RunWithDanica hashtag, or tweet me below. I want to see you at the end of the race, so get on that starting line with me. See you out there!

I decided to #RunWithDanica and knock out 100 miles in 30 days. Run with ME here: 🏃 Click To Tweet


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