3 #CheatCodez to Consistent Blogging

“Progress, not perfection.”

With more than 165 million blogs floating around the interwebs (No, that wasn’t a typo – I totally meant interwebs) and a new one created every half a second, you’d think it’d be pretty difficult to stand apart. Most blogs gain less than 1,000 views total for the duration of their existence and the number one reason those blogs don’t gain more of a following is consistency, (or lack thereof).

It makes sense right? Why would people keep visiting a blog only to see the same content? That’s like visiting your favorite store only to see the same ol’ dusty played out merch. How do you stand apart? Update! And update frequently or for the sake of this post – consistently!

A close friend of mine reached out to me recently. She’s a photographer in South Florida and her website is gorgeously laid out with beautiful content and imagery. She’s had a blog for more than three years and with mine rolling out just within the last month she realized that she needed to create more content. She asked me, “How in the world do you blog so consistently? I have maybe 15 posts!” I really had to think about that question and what systems I have in place to produce content consistently.



Have a plan.

I work two jobs and I am currently in grad school but I don’t use that as an excuse to sleep on my blogging goals. Mattie James with Mattieologie.com recently hosted a Periscope session where she said, “No plan, no pay,” and I couldn’t agree more. The number one #CheatCode to consistency is to plan ahead. Click To Tweet

With such a busy schedule, I have to seize every opportunity to dedicate to my passions. I post weekly given my current schedule but if I can produce more than one post within a week’s time, perfect! I can schedule that post to publish the following week and now I’m ahead of the game! No presh!


Take notes from inspo.

I’m inspired from real life experiences all the time. Whenever that spark of genius (perceived or actual) sets fire in the deepest depths of my soul, I make note of it. Whether it be a conversation, a work interaction, a quote from a movie, a song lyric or a trending topic – If I feel passionate about the topic, I feel empowered to speak on it. Those are the most authentic posts – the ones that are inspired by experience.

#CheatCode: I use Evernote. It syncs wirelessly and I can access it from the Internet or the app on any of my cellular devices. I can start a thought on my iPad and finish it up or make edits from my computer. The program is password protected too so it doubles as a journal. I actually wrote this post on my iPad as I was waiting for a class to start that I’d shown up for two hours early. Maximize your time!


Just do it.

Don’t overthink it! It’ll never be perfect. Think of your blog as a living and breathing entity. It’s always growing and everchanging. You won’t get it right the first time or maybe you will but in time you may want to go back and repurpose or refresh your content. Your thoughts and perceptions evolve as should your blog. If you let perfection be a hindrance, you’ll never crank out any content. Seek progression, not perfection. Your audience will appreciate you inviting them along for the ride – it makes you more human and relatable.

What are your #CheatCodez to beat the procrastination demon? What works best for you?

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  2. Bri says:

    I needed this, I’m totally letting perfection get in the way right now!! Xo

    • Danica Michelle says:

      Just do itttt! You’re already 3 steps ahead of the people saying they want to do it but aren’t following through. I can’t wait till you launch!!!

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