4 Ways To Reignite Inspo When It Falls Flat

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a blog has been committing to creating content even when I don’t feel like it. I’m not always in the mood to write or create. I have extrinsic motivators that keep me writing at my 9-5, ie. my paycheck and performance evaluation. But writing for myself is pretty intrinsically motivated– well, at least that’s how this blog started off.

Inspiration to creating is what endurance is to running. Click To Tweet It takes commitment to tap into inspiration in order to create. Knowing what it takes to give my inspiration a second wind when it falls flat has been the most impactful information to relaunch my commitment to writing. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve dealt with the same sort of resistance relating to what you’re committed to, whether it be running, writing or launching your own biz.

These are four ways to reignite your inspo when it falls flat:


If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve, no doubt, seen me post my favorite diffuser with Love, Grace. The Brand. Besides how aesthetically beautiful their diffuser is, it also diffuses 4-8 hours of your favorite essential oils, with a touch of soft white light to create a relaxing environment.

Diffusers are most well-known to help you unwind, elevate your mood, ward off illness, breathe easier, improve cognitive function– and they’re safer than candles and incense.

Whenever I have a mean case of writer’s block or I’m feeling especially uninspired, I turn my diffuser on to get me back on track. Some of my favorite essential oils to use are Love, Grace’s Lulit original blend which incorporates rose and hibiscus essential oils to get those hormones in balance and optimize everyday health.

Visit Love, Grace to get your own diffuser and essential oil blend. Use the coupon code: MoreLOVE to get 20% off.


Seems pretty counterintuitive that my solution to writer’s block would be to write, right? *whew, those homophones* But in all actuality, writing has made a direct impact in my writer’s block. Understanding the purpose of my writing can make all the difference in getting it done. When I have the pressure of creating a perfect masterpiece to present to the world– whether it be blogging here or a press release at work, sometimes that pressure can put a wrench into my creative process.

Journaling lends to unearthing whatever feelings I may be compartmentalizing to get through my day-to-day. I journal by hand and my arm acts as a direct line into my subconscious to reveal the things that I didn’t know were there– or just hadn’t made time to work through.

This month, I challenged myself to write, every day, for 30 days and I invited you to join me in the process. If you missed out on my prompts, be sure to check them out here. You’d be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Be on the lookout for my *fillable* digital and hard copy journals featuring all 30 prompts (+ more).


When I’m feeling disenchanted with creating, it’s typically because things are out of wack in my day-to-day work-life balance. It can sometimes be tough to tell myself that making time to run should be of priority when my to-do list just seems to grow with every passing minute. Mindset comes centerstage whenever I’m conflicted. Investing in yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself should always be of the utmost priority. You can show up for that gig you booked, but if you’re not feeling A1 then what’s the point?

Getting into a creative space feels best when I feel good about myself– otherwise my work tends to come out melancholy and it sort of just drags on. Running always gets my spirits high, at least, after the fact. There’s nothing like the feeling of setting out to do something challenging, and accomplishing it. Running gives me that high every time.

I invite you to commit to creating the best version of yourself by joining me in my running journey. If you’re a runner or looking to get stared, join me on the Nike RunClub app by adding “DanicaMichelle.” Let’s hold each other accountable! This month, my goal is to run 50 mi. In the very near future, I’d like to run a 10k! Let’s make it happen together!


Here’s where things get interesting. Most of us know positivity breeds positivity. But did you know that sound frequencies can take a low-energy, non-productive mindset to high-level wakefulness? The body is a beautiful thing– it releases endorphins when it hears what it needs for harmony. There’s several types of frequencies that impact mood and even health but to call out a few:

  • Brainwave Frequencies – Frequencies associated with various mental states.
    Using brainwave entrainment, you can manipulate your brainwaves and achieve certain frequencies and in doing so you can achieve the mental state associated with that frequency.
  • Healing Frequencies – Frequencies that may be used to heal infirmities of various kinds or stimulate some region of the body including the Chakras.
    The medium used to do this varies. Some are Singing Bowls, Chladni Plates, Frequency Software, Industrial Frequency Equipment such as the GB-4000, and Tuning Forks just to name a few.
  • Natural Frequencies – Frequencies that occur in nature.
    Such as the Schumann’s Resonance as well as sounds and tones calculated from the revolutions and orbits of Planets. It’s clear these frequencies affect humans in various ways a topic only lightly considered in Astrology.

I listen to healing frequencies on Spotify whenever my mood is down and out, but there’s writing to be done. If you want in on one of my playlists to give it a whirl or to get access to my curated list sign up for my email list below. I’ll shoot it your way!

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What are some of the ways you reignite inspo when yours falls flat?


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