5 Things You Need To Organize Your Life and Biz

Getting clear on the sort of content I wanted to create for Danica Explains It All has been one of the most nerve-wrecking and empowering processes I’ve ever gone through. Decluttering my mind and space has played a huge role in the entire process– which could seem odd enough because most would consider me a pretty organized person. Even the most organized of us could use some reorganization, especially when the vision gets blurry.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, or you could just use some help getting clear at your 9-5, these are five things you could use in organizing your life and business.


Feel like you’re running with too many literal and figurative tabs open? I started to feel the same way in blogging for Danica Explains It All. When I first launched in 2016, I chose a catchall name to allow me to grow in my brand because to be honest– all I knew at the time was that I wanted to blog. Finding inspo online became one of my favorite past times– and my desktop was a clear indicator that the seemingly innocent habit had gone array.

I stumbled across Whatever Bright Things on Pinterest and found all the resources I needed to get my digital space together! There is such thing as too many good ideas, and I’d fallen into the clutches of the evil Good Idea Fairy. Haley’s desktop wallpapers and icons are a fave and have become a part of my monthly routine of clearing out junk that’s accumulated over the past month.


Getting clear on the vision seems simple enough, but putting the plan in place can get a bit complicated. Especially in omnichannel marketing.  You’re creating blog content, vlogging, periscoping and sharing it all to social on a (hopefully) consistent basis. Airtable has been a GODSEND to the process in my 9-5 where I manage three brands independently and with Danica Explains It All and Camarilla Complex.

Airtable allows you to toggle between linked customizable excel spreadsheets, calendars and lists for a one-stop shop to content marketing pipelines, editorial calendars and launch timelines.

Here’s a sneak peek look at how I use my social and editorial calendars at my 9-5:


This ain’t ya mammy’s to-do list. For those tasks that don’t necessarily have a timely element to them, but you’d like to set a no later than deadline for– I’d recommend Asana. I particularly like to use Asana in conjunction with my Momentum Google Chrome Add-On, so that I can keep my to-do list top of mind every time I log onto the Internet.

I like the idea of having a digital, running to-do list so that I can access my list from anywhere. Paper lists can be ineffective if you don’t actually remember to give them a look over or if you leave them at home or in the office. Asana can be accessed online and you can also request push notifications to your phone to keep you on track. Any plan is ineffective without follow-thru and Asana ensures the job gets done.


No apps, downloads, or subscriptions necessary for this one. Having a routine is important to my organizational process because it provides me with a baseline and control over a few functions– which enables me to be more flexible about all other tasks and functions. For as long as I can accomplish a few simple tasks for myself each day, I feel good to flex to the unforeseen needs and perceived emergencies that may arise as the day goes on.

Every morning when I get to work, the first place I stop is the office kitchen to brew a cup of my Twinings Earl Grey tea with three creams a teaspoon of honey in my favorite mug. That’s my personal pick me up and my “Treat Yo’Self,” moment to get my day started. I get to my desk, sift through whatever emails may have landed in my inbox since COB the previous day, and prepare to tackle the day.

Sometimes my day goes exactly how my Outlook Calendar forecasted it would. Other days, I don’t know which way is up or down. Either way, I always feel like I started the day off on the right foot when I get that moment with Twinings to clear my mind and prepare myself mentally.


Getting that mailbox down to zero is a real feat for some folks and I don’t understand why sometimes. Especially because the majority of the emails cluttering up your inbox are newsletters that you’ll never get around to reading. FOMO is a real phenomena. If you don’t have the self-discipline or the time to sift through your emails to decipher which newsletters are worth maintaining a subscription to– do yourself a favor and download the Mail App on your smartphone.

The Mail App makes it easy for you to unsubscribe to useless emails by incorporating a button at the top of your emails, just below the address and subject information:

I made it a point to unsubscribe to emails as they populated my inbox. The “Mark All Read” function saves lives too while we’re at it. Don’t be an email hoarder, you’re never going to read those emails! Emancipate yourself!

What are some of your favorite tools to use for organization? Were any of these tips useful? Drop some feedback below and enter to win a free “DEIA: Life is a Balance” mug.
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