Welcome to my first vlog! In this video, I’m taking you along for the ride as I work from home, head to a maternity appointment at 17 weeks pregnant, get some cleaning done, a little bit of baking with the fam and a beach and pool visit with the kiddos. I’m also doing a faux […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 20 Creating Happiness Episode 20! We made it! I can officially call myself a podcaster at this point. Imposter syndrome, where?In this episode I’m recapping my week and why you probably saw me in 14341 states this past weekend on my Instagram Story. During the #NeekRewind, I’m […]

Up until this year, you wouldn’t catch me anywhere sans makeup. Anywhere! Much less on social media. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’m on my stories all the time in the nude– the selfie kind! If you’re reading this, you may even have been apart of the folks who voted for […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 19 Dedication Over Motivation We’re back to the regularly scheduled program, but this episode is full of gems. We’re getting down to business in the Neek Rewind and discussing Ice Cube’s recent run in with controversial headlines, and why you need to come up with a plan […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 18 It’s Our Anniversary! Special Edition Episode With My Husband, Regg Trippy Vizuals! Do you know what today is??? It’s our anniversary! This episode is featuring a very special guest, my husband! We’re chatting about our lessons learned, wins and losses, in year one of our marriage. […]

Hey there! I’m working to push out more videos. HOLD ME TO IT. On this video, I’m answering YOUR questions from my DMs on Instagram. Make sure to comment below to tell me what you think. The road to 100 subscribers isn’t as long as you may think, so do me a favor and subscribe! […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 17 VOTE This episode is special to me, but before I jump into that, I want to make sure that you’re registered to VOTE. On the Neek Rewind, I’m chatting about the presidential debate and Trump’s recent COVID diagnosis. Stay tuned for the #DanicaExplains portion because I’m […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 16 How to Overcome Burnout When You Have to Get It Done It’s felt like I’ve been going 1,000 mi a minute over the last couple of weeks. I had to make a change, burnout was fast approaching on the horizon! On the pod, I’m talking about […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 15 Create Before You Consume Fall is just about here. Have you started your game plan for the new year? On this episode, I’m talking about intentional journaling and planning to help you better create before you consume! Make sure you’re VOTING to honor the late, great […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 14 Trust the Process This episode is dedicated to year 31! I celebrated my birthday last week and it was definitely the best birthday I’ve had to date, all thanks to my husband! On this episode, I’m catching you guys up! On the #NeekRewind, I’m sharing some […]

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