Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 7 Entangled You know I had to give my two cents on entanglement and marriage on this episode! But make sure you also stick around for the DMs portion where we’re talking about self-love and how to find creative ways to provide your own happiness vice expecting […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 6 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Consider this the friendship episode. In the DMs, I’m talking about what to do when your friends don’t support your business. And during the Neek Rewind, I’m going to be breaking down how the friends and comrades of Vanessa Guillen failed her and failed in […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 5 Solid Don’t Crumble This episode is commitment to consistency in action. Coronavirus is making its way to shut down Florida for a second time and I’m giving you four cheat codes to keep in mind when setting out to create consistent content for your blog, podcast, […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 4: The One Where Danica and Reggie Get Married I hope you and yours had an amazing Juneteenth and Father’s Day! In the spirit of celebration, this episode is jumping into more reasons for the season, in more ways than one. We celebrated my husband’s birthday this […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 3 Blended Two things happened this week worth mentioning: 1. I broke up with Starbucks. 2. I got back together with my bonus babies!  On this episode, I’m talking about both, and as a bonus (pun intended), I’m giving you my raw experience on what it means […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast· Ep 2.0 FOWARD Whew! It’s been a heavy few weeks, but FORWARD is the motion. Join me as we recap and discuss how to relax, relate, and release during times where CHANGE MUST COME. I’m kicking off this episode with a brief (re)introduction, but then we’re jumping into our […]

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Danica (@danicaexplainsitall) on May 18, 2020 at 5:55am PDT It’s here! My very first video + hair tutorial (all in one)! I’ve been coming up with every excuse on why I wasn’t ready to post content like this, but you guys gave me the vote of […]

It wasn’t too long ago where running a 4-miler, and even as far as a 10K, came easily to me. Nowadays, that isn’t quite the case. But all runners know that we are ALL runners. Whether your last run was earlier today, or years ago, we were all created to MOVE. I was recently challenged […]

I hate running. Plenty (most ????) of the time my relationship with running is much like that of a child and their nagging mother during the early morning hours before school. I know I should listen, but it takes a serious amount of coercion to get me moving. What keeps me coming back to the […]

I launched Danica Explains It All in 2016 during a tumultuous time in my personal life. While a lot of things were definitely going my way, there was one particular relationship that had a toxic hold on my life. I went full-speed ahead with my blog with the frame of mind that it would be […]

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