Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 20 Creating Happiness Episode 20! We made it! I can officially call myself a podcaster at this point. Imposter syndrome, where?In this episode I’m recapping my week and why you probably saw me in 14341 states this past weekend on my Instagram Story. During the #NeekRewind, I’m […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 19 Dedication Over Motivation We’re back to the regularly scheduled program, but this episode is full of gems. We’re getting down to business in the Neek Rewind and discussing Ice Cube’s recent run in with controversial headlines, and why you need to come up with a plan […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 16 How to Overcome Burnout When You Have to Get It Done It’s felt like I’ve been going 1,000 mi a minute over the last couple of weeks. I had to make a change, burnout was fast approaching on the horizon! On the pod, I’m talking about […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 13 Everything With Intention This one’s for the creatives and aspiring creatives. We’re starting out with a recap on how the last week’s gone and paying homage to one of our favorite creatives after his untimely passing, Mr. Chadwick Boseman. In the #DanicaExplains portion, I’m telling you […]

Danica Explains It All, The Podcast · Ep. 12 Dog Days Are Over It’s the end of the Summer, and it’s bittersweet! On the pod, I’m giving you an update on how we ended the Summer with a bang. On the #NeekRewind segment, I’m talkin’ about our favorite Hot Girl and how she showed up […]

Between working a full-time job, raising two kids, showing up as a bomb wife, and looking after my own health and welfare– the time I have to create for my own business and brand is hard to come by. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. I have more than 10 years of experience […]

I’ve been a go-getter, hard charger, Type A personality for as long as I remember and I’ve never had to think twice about how to feel about that other than to say that I was proud. Who wouldn’t be? Our society is achievement driven and I can’t say that I’m any different. Who doesn’t like […]

Getting clear on the sort of content I wanted to create for Danica Explains It All has been one of the most nerve-wrecking and empowering processes I’ve ever gone through. Decluttering my mind and space has played a huge role in the entire process– which could seem odd enough because most would consider me a […]

It seems like everyone’s starting a business these days. What’s holding you back? In today’s episode we’re going to address the number one thing that’s holding you back from kicking off your business. And I’ll give you my take on how I got over myself and got it going! If you are feeling #ThePodcast be […]

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair There’s a thin line between the cliches “Know your worth,” and “Beggars can’t be choosers,” especially when it comes to salary. Negotiating your salary can feel awkward and uncomfortable, but if you go into that conversation with a fortified […]

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