I hate running. Plenty (most ????) of the time my relationship with running is much like that of a child and their nagging mother during the early morning hours before school. I know I should listen, but it takes a serious amount of coercion to get me moving. What keeps me coming back to the […]

I launched Danica Explains It All in 2016 during a tumultuous time in my personal life. While a lot of things were definitely going my way, there was one particular relationship that had a toxic hold on my life. I went full-speed ahead with my blog with the frame of mind that it would be […]

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a blog has been committing to creating content even when I don’t feel like it. I’m not always in the mood to write or create. I have extrinsic motivators that keep me writing at my 9-5, ie. my paycheck and performance evaluation. But writing for myself is […]

I’m a writer by occupational description, but the 9–5 pressures of the deadline can make me forget why I even got started in the first place. That’s why I’m taking the next 30 days to fall back in love with writing again and I’m inviting anyone who has a story to tell to #WriteWithDanica ✍???? […]

Getting clear on your vision can be the difference between producing and feeling stuck. These are six tips that help me get clear on my vision when I’m at a loss. Ask yourself: Why do I do this? What do people expect from me? Remember the value you bring to your passion and to the […]

“Our generation has had no great war, no great depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives.” – Chuck Palahniuk Depression is often mistakenly described and understood as sadness triggered by a particular event or series of events in one’s life – usually traumatic.  Like many mental health disorders, chronic depression is commonly oversimplified […]

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts. His acts being seven ages.” – William Shakespeare How’s the saying go? Art imitates life or life imitates art? Either way, we can all agree that there is much to […]

Sometimes the smallest details can make the largest impact. I am in no way a nutritionist or a certified personal trainer but in life, we pull from our experience to find the most effective ways to achieve our goals. Some would refer to those methods as life hacks but my friends and I call ’em #CheatCodez. […]

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