Welcome to my first vlog! In this video, I’m taking you along for the ride as I work from home, head to a maternity appointment at 17 weeks pregnant, get some cleaning done, a little bit of baking with the fam and a beach and pool visit with the kiddos. I’m also doing a faux […]

Hey there! I’m working to push out more videos. HOLD ME TO IT. On this video, I’m answering YOUR questions from my DMs on Instagram. Make sure to comment below to tell me what you think. The road to 100 subscribers isn’t as long as you may think, so do me a favor and subscribe! […]

Hey, there! In my very first YouTube video I am breaking down the wash and go routine that I’ve been following for the past few weeks. I’m using some of the better affordable products I’ve used and seen results with. I was pleasantly surprised with the definition I was able to achieve when I cocktailed […]

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Danica (@danicaexplainsitall) on May 18, 2020 at 5:55am PDT It’s here! My very first video + hair tutorial (all in one)! I’ve been coming up with every excuse on why I wasn’t ready to post content like this, but you guys gave me the vote of […]

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