Six Minor Foods to Cut From Your Diet With Major Payoff

Sometimes the smallest details can make the largest impact.

I am in no way a nutritionist or a certified personal trainer but in life, we pull from our experience to find the most effective ways to achieve our goals. Some would refer to those methods as life hacks but my friends and I call ’em #CheatCodez. I didn’t mindfully create a list of things to cut from my diet to achieve my fitness goals but as I ventured on my quest to clean eating I found these cheats helpful.

  1. Café sin leche. live on coffee. I drink at least two cups a day, minimum. With that being said, coffee with creamer gives way to a lot of unnecessary fats and sugars. Cut the creamer and coffee can work as a natural appetite suppressant plus it can curb those cakes & pies (no Professor Klump) cravings.
  2. Cut the sugar. Sour gummy worms? How about a cutie or a granny smith apple instead? Nature is full of candy. You don’t have have to look too far. Dried pineapples and cranberries help rid me of my sour candy cravings, the texture isn’t too far off from my beloved Sour Patch Kids either.
  3. 1/2 and 1/2. Carb cheat! Alright, bare with me because every time I tell someone this they look at me like I’m crazy but seriously – do you need to eat the WHOLE sandwich or the WHOLE quesadilla? Why not have a sandwich half and a salad to satisfy that carb fix? I love bread as much as the next one but this cheat has been the single most effective way of keeping me slim.
  4. Soda pop. Do I really need to explain this one? Be careful of sugary drinks altogether. I try to stay away from any one item of food/drink that has more than 12 g of sugar. One 12 oz can of Coca Cola is 140 cal and 39 g of sugar. One 24 oz Arizona lemon iced tea has 54 g of sugar. Bottom line: read the label.
  5. GraNOla. The greek yogurt craze is lit right now but don’t ruin a healthy snack with unneeded additives like syrups and granola. Stick to fresh fruit to sweeten. The principle is the same as having a salad and adding fatty dressing – it’s counterproductive. Bonus tip: Try salads with salt, pepper and tomatoes vice fatty oils and dressings.
  6. Fresh v. Frozen. I’ve never been a fan of replacing a full meal with liquid but if you’re into smoothies then make sure you’re using fresh fruits. Frozen fruits tend to have preservatives and syrups to sweeten which only serve as unnecessary additives. Fruits are sweet enough on their own without the fructose and added sugar.

The number one takeaway I hope you walk away from this post with is that conditioning your body and tastebuds to actually enjoy eating clean will take time and patience. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe make changes gradually … don’t try too much at once. If you drink coffee every morning with sugar and sweetened creamer,  try removing the sugar first, then eventually replace sweetened creamer with unsweetened until you can drink your coffee black.

What are your nutritional cheat codez?

  1. Ghislaine says:

    Bad habits die hard. Especially when it comes nutrition and dieting. So you know I looove the cheat codez! I fold one tortilla in half when making quesadillas. Flavored sugar-free syrups have 0 calories and can replace my beloved creamer. Frank’s Red Hot Wing Buffalo Sauce has help me eat more veggies. Thanks to you, I know Avocados save lives.

    • Danica Michelle says:

      Yesss! Avocados are everything! You definitely saved my life with that quesadilla cheat haha I used to want the wholeeee enchilada. 😉 I’m really just fine with half. Can’t wait to unfold more cheat codez with my dawg!

  2. Kryssy says:

    Omg yes to the 1/2 thing! Thanks for sharing! Hmmm cheat code? I definitely always suggest to clean/cut/store your fruit as soon as you buy it. Makes it easier to grab instead of going for the good ol faithful bag of chips 🙂 lol

    • Danica Michelle says:

      That’s perfect! I’m going to try that with my strawberries. My grandma used to make this BOMB fruit salad that I need to start making it again!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Oh nooo… I love granola! But I’ve found that plain oatmeal in yogurt is just as good, or you can just make your own instead of buying the bad stuff. I used to meal prep regularly and I found that it helped me to really keep my appetite in control. Thanks for your tips, Danica!

    • Danica Michelle says:

      Plain oatmeal in yogurt?! Yes!! P.S. I’m heading over to your blog to subscribe now. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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