Write With Danica 30-Day Challenge

I’m a writer by occupational description, but the 9–5 pressures of the deadline can make me forget why I even got started in the first place.

That’s why I’m taking the next 30 days to fall back in love with writing again and I’m inviting anyone who has a story to tell to #WriteWithDanica ✍???? Follow my IG story (@danicaexplainsitall) for writing prompts if you’re down to join in! DM me/tag me in what you come up with as we go. If you have a prompt you’d like featured, DM me or email me at danica@danicamichelle.com

Prompt 001 — Feb. 21
Write a “dedication,” or about the concept. Write about something you’re dedicated to, someone you’re dedicated to, or someone dedicated to you. Use it as inspiration to create your own book dedication page for when you eventually publish.

Prompt 002 — Feb.22
Today, write about a time you had to make a challenging choice. Was it an “either-or” situation? What did you choose? In retrospect, did you perceive any alternatives outside the “either-or” situation? How do you make decision in present day scenarios? Does it look the same — what’s changed?

Set your timer for ten minutes and go! No judging, no stopping. Keep your pen moving (or your fingers typing) no matter where this prompt takes you in your free writing today.

Prompt 003 — Feb.23
Think about what’s motivating you to write. What is it that you hope to achieve during this process? You can create a list, a poem, an anecdote, write a letter. Choose any format while exploring simply why you write.

Prompt 004 — Feb.24
Think about the word purpose. What feelings arise when you consider what it means to live a purposeful life? When did you first become aware of a sense of (or lack of) purpose? What were the influences in your life at that time and how has your sense of purpose played into the decisions you’ve to get you where you are today?

Prompt 005 — Feb.25
Today, write about a habit, thinking pattern, or belief you’ve inherited from your parents or grandparents. Does that line of thinking limit or support you? How does it affect your life as a writer? If the latter is true, where would you be without it?

Set your timer for ten minutes and write without stopping or judging what you unearth. When you finish, feel free to share using the hashtag: #writewithdanica.

Prompt 006 — Feb.26
What spaces are you standing between?
Now and then?
Here and there?
Whole and broken?
Imagine those spaces as trapeze bars: what would it take to throw your heart over the bars and let your body follow? What monkey bar are you moving from and what monkey bar are you moving to?
What does the space between
feel like?
sound like?
taste like?

Prompt 007— Feb.27
What are some quirks that you don’t openly share — especially online? What are a few extraordinary things about your life story? Is there an unusual habit you’ve always had? Do you have an unusual passion or hobby that has nothing to do with what you often write or talk about?

Take a step back and look at your life story as if it’s a movie — what are the recurring threads or themes that emerge in different periods of your life? Set your timer for 10–20 mins and free write, even the things your brain say are not relevant.

Prompt 008— Feb.28
Write the truth about an insecurity you feel or have felt recently. Don’t try to make yourself feel better about it—just write the truth about what triggered that feeling. What happened?

Then write about other times you’ve felt this way. Did you quit or forge ahead? What would you change about your response? What have you learned in the past about how you generally handle your insecurities? How do you apply those lessons today?

Prompt009 — Mar.1
“Free writing has the added benefit of providing a tangible trail of thoughts as they rise up. You’re essentially hitching your subconscious to your fingertips.”

Give yourself two journal pages, or 15 mins, to write about your experience with the word, “conviction.” What does the word mean to you and how does it present itself in your day-to-day life?

If you get off topic or run out of ideas, keep writing anyway. If necessary, write whatever comes to mind.

Prompt010 — Mar.2
Take a moment to think about when you’ve felt most mentally alive.
Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? What was your role in channeling that feeling?
Write about how you can cultivate a similar joy in daily life.

Prompt011 — Mar.3
Write about what you’re looking to accomplish this year.
What will success look like? Who will be along for the ride and standing next to you when you achieve it?
Free write for 10 mins.

Prompt012 — Mar.4
“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
Today, write about the time of the year you resonate with at this moment.
Do you identify with the spirit of any of the four seasons or of a specific month? Or do you identify more with the zodiac phases of the moon– the sun–  the planets? Set your timer to ten minutes and write without stopping or judging your writing. How does this awareness impact your creativity? confidence? overall wellness?

This challenge has helped me unearth all sorts of inspo for both of my platforms, Danica Explains It All and Camarilla Complex.

How has writing your truths daily revealed ideas, values, feelings and convictions you didn’t know were there before? How have these new-found truths presented challenges? And how do you plan on leveraging this new information to your advantage in the future?

Today write about what really matters to you. Consider your minimum requirements, what you already have in your toolbox, and who to join forces with.
  • How will you simplify and streamline your daily life so that you can focus your time, energy, mental space, and creative juju on what is nonnegotiable for you?
  • What is your specific type of gig as a writer and creative?
  • How are you going to use your words  to create change in your corner of the world and also to keep hope alive for yourself and your fellow humans?

Set your timer to 10 minutes and write with wild abandon. Feel free to write this as your very own manifesto—the manifesto of a wordsmith who’ll use their words to open doorways to light and kindness, freedom and human dignity, hope, and integrity. Share what you come up with and use the hashtag #writewithdanica on Instagram or Twitter.

Sometimes you just need to start over again. The season of renewal is on the horizon. What goals of yours could use a factory reset? Who are your beacons and allies as you renew? What have you learned from previous trial? What can you offer others going through something similar? What are you already grateful for achieving? Free write for 10 mins before bed to keep your goals fresh in your mind as you sleep.


In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, write about a woman in your life who, despite all odds, is dominating and disrupting the status quo. What did she have to go through to get to where she is?

Maybe that woman is you.

Do other women share a similar story? How can we uplift our women and support them in sharing their love, light and talent with the world?


Talk about a time in which you felt really accomplished. Go into detail. How did you feel? What did it take to get there? How did other people feel about your achievement? Did their feelings impact how you felt? Why or why not?

Prompt018 — Mar.10

Cherishing is so different and so much more powerful than love or gratitude. What do you cherish? How do you allow others to cherish you? How do you cherish other people and the world you live in?

Set your timer to 10 minutes and let the words flow from your mind onto your paper. What is the relationship between your writing and your cherishing?

Prompt019— Mar.11

If you were to write a six-word memoir, what would it be? How would you distill your story and the sense of being you into six words? What six words would capture the essence of who you are, how you feel, what you like, what matters to you, why you are here, and what you know—right now and right here at this point in your life?

Prompt020 — Mar.12

What would you say in a letter to your younger self? What would you like for them to know? Today, write a letter to your younger self and share what insight you have from her/his future.

Prompt021— Mar.13

I’m a believer in the school of thought that if you’re unhappy, you should feel empowered to change that. Just because you can endure, doesn’t mean that you should. Think about a time that you endured something you could have walked away from. Why did you perceive that you were without power or choice? What would you do differently? How will you avoid feeling powerless again?

Prompt022— Mar.14

Write about a simple act of kindness, whether it was kindness you offered or received—something that had an impact on the receiver and that portrayed a softened, caring human heart.

Prompt023— Mar.15

Write about manifestations. What’s something you’ve thought about and prayed on that you’ve watched unfold? What would you like to invite to happen in your life next?

Prompt024— Mar.16

What is an item you own that holds an intense amount of sentimental value? Who gave it to you? What memories does it have attached to it? Describe the scene in your mind that stands out to make the item memorable.

Prompt025— Mar.17

Do people you meet and spend your time with become a part of you? When they are no longer physically with you, are they not still a part of you? Write about the idea of oneness and harmony, as it relates to love. Can love for self and others exist where harmony doesn’t?

Prompt026— Mar.18

In the spirit of the recent New Moon and its conjunction with Chiron [ruler of healing], write your affirmations for this season of renewal. What will you heal from this Moon cycle? What will you manifest? What feelings and achievements do you affirm/reaffirm?

Prompt027— Mar.19

What does self-care mean for you as a writer? If you knew that you’d receive a care package in the next hour and you were told that you had the absolute power to decide what it contained, what would you choose to have included? What would you want to receive in your care package today? You can choose anything — tangible or intangible.

Prompt028— Mar.20

Have you ever had to give something up that you loved to welcome the potential for something greater? Write about the internal conflict that feeling created. How did you come to terms with justifying it? What made the sacrifice worth it?

Prompt029— Mar.21

“Clear intention strengthens motivation.” Write about a goal you’d like to accomplish. But don’t just stop there by simply listing your goal. Write down why it would be worth accomplishing. What larger goal and vision would achieving the smaller fold up into? Whose life could be impacted for better or worse? How does that impact your desire to get after it?

Prompt030— Mar.22

We’re wrapping this challenge up by looping back around to the prompt that started it all: “Everything comes full circle.” Write about the concept. What lessons keep presenting themselves in your life? Do you keep coming across the same thematic teachings? Write about what you think you should be taking from these full-circle moments.


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